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TIMSS 2011 database

TIMSS 2011 International Database Downloads
User GuideTIMSS 2011 User Guide for the International Database (15MB)
Supplement 1 - International Version of the TIMSS 2011 Background and Curriculum Questionnaires (25MB)
Supplement 2 - National Adaptations of International Background Questionnaires (12MB)
Supplement 3 - Variables Derived from the Student, Home, Teacher, and School Questionnaire Data (2MB)
Supplement 4 - TIMSS 2011 Sampling Stratification Information (1MB)
ItemsTIMSS 2011 Released Items with Percent Correct Statistics - Fourth Grade (49MB)
TIMSS 2011 Released Items with Percent Correct Statistics - Eighth Grade (63MB)
TIMSS 2011 Item Information Tables (132KB)
TIMSS 2011 IRT Item Parameters (183KB)
DatabaseSPSS DataT11_G4_SPSSData_pt1.zip (AAD-FIN 158MB)
T11_G4_SPSSData_pt2.zip (GEO-OMN 149MB)
T11_G4_SPSSData_pt3.zip (POL-YEM 152MB)
T11_G8_SPSSData_pt1.zip (AAD-FIN 138MB)
T11_G8_SPSSData_pt2.zip (GEO-KOR 142MB)
T11_G8_SPSSData_pt3.zip (LBN-SAU 146MB)
T11_G8_SPSSData_pt4.zip (SGP-ZAF 134MB)
SAS DataT11_G4_SASData_pt1.zip (AAD-FIN 160MB)
T11_G4_SASData_pt2.zip (GEO-OMN 151MB)
T11_G4_SASData_pt3.zip (POL-YEM 154MB)
T11_G8_SASData_pt1.zip (AAD-FIN 145MB)
T11_G8_SASData_pt2.zip (GEO-KOR 128MB)
T11_G8_SASData_pt3.zip (LBN-SAU 141MB)
T11_G8_SASData_pt4.zip (SGP-ZAF 131MB)
Curriculum DataTIMSS 2011 Fourth Grade Curriculum Questionnaire Data (338KB)
TIMSS 2011 Eighth Grade Curriculum Questionnaire Data (297KB)
CodebooksTIMSS 2011 Fourth Grade Codebooks (2MB)
TIMSS 2011 Eighth Grade Codebooks (2MB)
AlmanacsTIMSS 2011 Fourth Grade Almanacs (9MB)
TIMSS 2011 Eighth Grade Almanacs (10MB)
TCMATIMSS 2011 Fourth Grade Test Curriculum Matching Analysis Data (199MB)
TIMSS 2011 Eighth Grade Test Curriculum Matching Analysis Data (188MB)
SAS and SPSS Programs (35KB)
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